What We Do

In short, drama… but to be more specific we seek to share God’s word in a fun and creative way by providing performances, scripts and workshops to anyone who’ll take them.


We want to be accessible which means everything we perform is available for purchase and is rarely very complicated so you could do it yourself in your church, youth group, kids club, back garden or anywhere else you might feel like acting.


We love to perform, it’s one of our favourite things to do and we’ll go pretty much anywhere we’re asked to go.  We perform at events like Autumn Soul and Mad Weekend as well as going out to individual churches where we do sketches on anything from bible stories to specific themes


We love to equip people and our workshops are the main way in which we do that.  We run sessions for anyone from 5 to 105 (ages may not be entirely accurate) and again we’ll go pretty much anywhere we’re asked to go.

Who we Are



Ross is an actor by trade and a full time staff member of Play it by Ear which basically means he drives around the country running workshops and performing at various events. He also spends time in the office spinning around on his chair, from which he takes breaks to write scripts.



Chris is a former youth worker, having spent a number of years viewing Play it by Ear as a hobby that had gotten seriously out of control.  Thankfully he’s now a full time employee and loves to write sketches as well as running workshops and performing at events as often as possible.

We also have wonderful volunteers who we couldn’t do with out.  If you’re interested in getting involved in any way then feel free to get in touch.