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In short, drama… but to be more specific we seek to share faith in a fun and creative way and help people to tell their own stories by providing workshops, performances and scripts to churches, youth groups, festivals, schools, senior citizens' groups, issue based groups and pretty anyone else who’ll take them.


We love to equip people and our workshops are the main way in which we do that.  These sessions can involve basic drama skills or a theme to make people think about a topical issue or perhaps a more advanced drama/writing workshop to really get the creative juices flowing. We run sessions for anyone from 5 to 105 (ages may not be entirely accurate) and again we’ll go pretty much anywhere we’re asked to go.


We love to perform, it’s one of our favourite things to do and we’ll go pretty much anywhere we’re asked to go.  We perform  anywhere from church services to large festivals well and cover material from bible stories as well as issue based sketches.  We can also tailor this for your exact requirements.


We want to be accessible which means everything we perform is available for purchase and is rarely very complicated so you could do it yourself in your church, youth group, kids club, back garden or anywhere else you might feel like acting.

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